Gaya At A Glance

A Pilgrims Guide to Buddhist India

Gaya is considered as one of the very important holy place for Hindu community and may other people. Every year thousands of people come here for the purpose of pilgrimage. The most famous and main center for pilgrim is the Vishnu temple in Gaya. It is a Legend that this temple was built on the footsteps of lord Vishnu and hence it is considered as a very sacred place for the people and devotees. According to thebelief of Hindus it has been said that if one can perform final.

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Attractions of City

Vishnupad Temple is a temple that dedicated to God Vishnu and is considered as sacred among Hindu people. Whole of the city has been developed around this temple. It has been. more arrow

How to Reach Gaya

One can easily reach Gaya as the nearest railway station is Gaya itself and all major trains of India pass across Gaya railway station. The other major railway station is Patna railway station from. more arrow

Maps, Tahsils & Villages of Gaya

In the state of Bihar , Gaya district is located. The city of Gaya is at a distance of 148 kilometres from the capital of the state Hyderabad.  The administrative headquarters of the Gaya district are located in the Gaya. more arrow

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map of gaya

Map Of Gaya

Gaya is located at 24.78°N 85.0°E.It has an average elevation of 111 metres.

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Train Schedule

Gaya Junction comes among the most important railway station in Bihar.

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Commuting In Gaya

City Bus, Taxis, Tongas, Auto Rickshaws, Cycle Rickshaws.

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Local news from Gaya with all the headlines making news in Gaya.


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Akshayabat is located at Bodh Gaya, the area that is not exactly in Gaya but 12 km far from Gaya. This is the tree under which Gautam Buddha undergone meditation for the search of eternal truth.

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City Update

Gaya is the city under the state of Bihar. It is situated near the Falgu River and it is the sacred place for Hindu.

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